How to Do Your Own Makeup With These Tips?

You might think that wedding is just about venue and catering service, then you are wrong. Not planning for a professional wedding makeup artist in Phoenix, AZ? Well, you can have some alternative on that. You don’t actually need the best professional if you could do it yourself, but you also need some help tips on getting it right. To make sure that you will have the best wedding makeup on your big day, here are some of the sneakiest idea that professionals swears by when it comes to the wedding-specific makeup secrets, that’s totally free of charge.


Add a skin-prep step.

Foundation primer and eyeshadow base are products you might not bother with in everyday life, but for your wedding, using them is a worthwhile insurance plan for your carefully applied makeup–these products ensure that makeup goes on more smoothly and stays put for much longer without fading or sweating off. Plus, they fill in large pores and fine lines for a smoother, photo-ready finish and keep shadow from creasing. You can use some Nars Pro Prime Skin Smoothing Face Prep and Smudgeproof Eyeshadow Base. This will surely make you look more amazing.

Keep the center of your face matte.

For the most flattering look in photos–especially those that use a flash–keep the middle zone of your face shine-free by dusting translucent powder on the corners of your nose, your chin, forehead and between the eyebrows. But keep your cheeks and eye area powder-free to maintain a natural radiance. For mess-free touch-ups, keep blotting papers in your handbag and use them when you duck into the ladies’ room.

Stain your lips.

Forget regular lipstick for your wedding–it’ll constantly be coming off, whether on the rim of your champagne glass, your new hubby’s lips, or every distant cousin’s cheek. For lip color that stays put, use a sheer stain or a pigment-rich lip pencil instead; these will stay put much longer. If you want a shinier finish, dab some matching lipstick on top (or even some gloss or balm). This will get you glamour in your wedding day. Make sure that you will use the right kind of lipstick that will flatter your skin and your overall look as well. This is the secret of wedding makeup professionals.

Don’t forget about your brows.

They frame your face in photos, and even (especially) if you’re wearing minimal eye makeup, they have a huge effect on whether you look polished. If you’re saving money by DIYing your makeup, consider investing in a professional brow grooming about a week before your big day (to avoid day-of redness); it’ll be inexpensive in comparison but likely make a big difference. Ask for tips on some other pro wedding makeup artists in Phoenix, AZ on filling in your brows with powder for added polish and definition. Hint: You usually want a powder that’s a few shades lighter than your natural brow color, to avoid making them too dark/harsh.

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