6 Pointers to Remember When Booking a Caterer

Event’s success is not just measured depending on the aesthetics of the location. To complete the experience of the guests invited to this memorable moment, there should be a good food catering service. When mention catering service, it does not only cover food. It is beyond that food aspect. Catering service sets the mood of the event so it is imperative that everything is perfect.


First timers will find this task daunting as they lack experience in this field. To walk you through in the quest for a catering company, here are the 6 pointers from Claudia’s list:

1. Food. The main essence of gourmet food catering service is food so the provider should excel in this category above all. It is pointless to pay for a caterer with bad food service. Before deciding which company to hire, make sure that you tasted the sample the company is offering. Also research about the ingredients they are using to ensure that the food will be tasty, fresh and organic. Talk to the caterer ahead if you have some health restrictions like allergies and others.

2. Budget. This will surely eat the biggest portion of the event’s financial pie. This is a crucial part of event organizing since you can only choose catering providers based on your base budget. Once the budget is decided, you are now ready to research which providers are proving service on the same price range in hand. Another technique to make the most of the allotted budget is to ask list of providers for a catering proposal they could think of patterned from your cash on hand.

3. Company reputation. Going online could give you a number of options. Considering the reputation of your provider is also a must in order to avoid scams. Look for reviews written by the previous customers regarding the service or performance of the caterer. If you aren’t too sure, checklist recommendation list coming from Better Business Bureau. You can also visit www.top10weddingvendors.com/houston/luxury-exotic-car-rental-houston-tx/ for reputable companies.

4. Catering coordination. When holding event, there should be no single detail that will be missed out. The catering setup should blend in well with the other elements like bridal flowers, decors, facility and the rest of the aesthetics. Your caterer must be aware of other elements to ensure unison.

5. Liability insurance and contract. When signing the contract, there should be a clear agreement that any damage, injury, and other mishaps done by the catering company will not be covered by you. Everything that you have agreed verbally should be placed on the paper for the legal agreement. Everything should be official in order to protect consumer’s right.

6. Caterer’s personality. While good food is important, the caterer’s personality should also be checked. You don’t want to work with rude people, do you? The success of a certain event is usually clinging on the mercy between the relationships of the customer to the caterer. Make sure that you work with caterers you’re comfortable with. Professional caterers are the ones who know how to listen, communicate, take orders and even suggests for a better option.

Claudia’s pointers will greatly help you if you are a first timer when planning for your catering event. Take note of these comprehensive pointers as they are already tested and proven; these guide will surely make your event a memorable one.